What is the best about studying in the Bachelor’s Program in International Business?

Ville Alen,
2nd-year student

”Having completed my course selections for the second year, I was once again pleased with our program for providing students with many options for course selections. This allows each student to choose subjects they are passionate about. Coming from different backgrounds and aiming to pursue different career paths, students in the BScBA program also have a great advantage in selecting courses taught by international visiting professors. These professors provide real-life experience, helping students form their individual visions for their journey.”

Maria Del Mar Garcia Sierra,
2nd-year student

”One of the aspects that has added the most value for me is the high-quality education provided by experienced professors who come to Mikkeli from top universities around the world.”



Liisa Saaranen,
2nd-year student

”I believe the best part of our program has been the 3-hour lessons. In addition to independent study and group work, we have three hours of lessons on weekdays, which leaves also plenty of time for other activities, such as work or spending time with friends. This reduces stress and aids in time management.”



Elias Rosanelli,
exchange student

”I found the structure of the courses to be very well-designed. The three-week modules are, in my opinion, a great way to structure a university program. It achieves a remarkable feat by enhancing the quality of learning while reducing the effort needed and the stress compared to a regular setting. In my home university, we have an exam week, during which I can have up to 6 exams in 5 days, making studying very intense and stressful. Consequently, I remember less than when I can focus all my efforts on one course for three weeks. That’s why I enjoyed the program in Mikkeli so much and performed better than I did at home.”

An Nguyen,
2nd-year student

”Studying in the BScBA program, I have been surrounded by a highly international environment. The internationality does not only come from the diverse student body, which includes various nationalities and backgrounds, but also from the professors. Every three weeks, prestigious professors from around the world come to our institution to teach and help students perform at their best in this intensive program.”



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