What is best in Mikkeli?

“The best thing in Mikkeli is by far the atmosphere among students, everyone is so helpful and friendly to each other. Also, not to mention the beautiful nature surrounding Mikkeli!” 

– Otava, first year student, Finnish



“Mikkeli is a small town but that is what I like about it. Indeed, it makes it a typical and more authentic. I enjoy walking or running in the forest, especially in autumn when nature has beautiful colors. The landscape in Mikkeli, which is a mix of lakes and forests, is very pleasant for me because it is very different from the landscapes of my mountainous regions in France.”

– Eline, an exchange student, French


”What is best in Mikkeli is the warm-hearted people that make this place feel like home. I have made connections here that I will forever value and would not trade my Mikkeli experience for anything else.” 

– Renja, second year student, Finnish/Peruvian



“I love the people in Mikkeli; everyone is nice and friendly. Living in a small town, I like how I’m familiar with everyone, from the people in the supermarket to the bodyguards in the bar – haha. Summer in Mikkeli is also one of the most beautiful things that I can imagine. I just adore spending my summer in Mikkeli.”

-Khai, second year student, Vietnamese



Juttu: Matias Rikka