Muccians around the world: Postdoctoral researcher Orkun Pinar, LUT University

I am a postdoctoral researcher and a member of the “Biotechnology and Bioengineering Group” under the supervision of Prof. Susana Rodriguez-Couto at the Separation Science, LUT School of Engineering Science, Lappeenranta and Lahti University of Technology (LUT University) in Mikkeli.

I had an opportunity to attend “de.NBI Spring School 2024 – Bioinformatics for Microbial Omics”, held at Bielefeld University, Germany between 18.03.2024 and 22.03.2024, which focused on genomics, pangenomics, metagenomics, and multi-omics analysis.

I was selected among the 20 participants and this grant provided free training by renowned instructors, accommodation in a hotel, lunches during the event, and two social events. During this training, I attended several hands-on training sessions, particularly in using tools that helped me understand the workflows and analytical strategies in microbial Omics.

These sessions enhanced the practical skills of participants in handling complex Omics data and enabled a deeper understanding of the possibilities and limitations associated with the current approaches.

My main purpose was to understand the details of these technologies and their possible applications in the wastewater treatment field. During this training, I learned versatile information and gained insights into how to use these technologies in my projects.

There was a poster session in which I presented a poster about biopolymers, and I also gave a flash talk about the enzyme-based treatment of diesel-polluted wastewater.

We also had discussions with participants and keynote speakers from different countries, encouraging the exchange of ideas and the formation of research collaborations.