University consortium coordination

The coordinating university of the University Consortium is the University of Helsinki, which coordinates  cooperation together with the steering group. The secretary general and management team are responsible for the University Consortium’s practical cooperation.

Steering committee

The steering committee is composed of representatives of the universities operating in Mikkeli and those of the City of Mikkeli. The steering committee steers and monitors the guidelines and development of the University Consortium. The steering committee convenes two times per year. The composition of the steering committee:

  • Jouni Hirvonen, vice rector of the University of Helsinki, chair
  • Janne Kinnunen, mayor of the City of Mikkeli
  • Janne Hokkanen, strategy manager, LUT-University
  • Hannu Seristö, vice-dean at Aalto University
  • Jussi Karvinen, director of planning, University of Helsinki
  • Matti Malinen, secretary general of the University Consortium coordination unit, secretary
  • In addition, Pentti Mäkinen, chair of the advisory council and county governor, contributes to the activities of the steering group.

Management team

The management team is composed of directors of the university units operating in Mikkeli and a representative of the City of Mikkeli. The management team implements in practice cooperation between the universities in Mikkeli. The management team includes:

  • Mari Kallioinen-Mänttäri, professor, LUT University, chair
  • Janne Kinnunen, mayor of the City of Mikkeli
  • Torsti Hyyryläinen, vice-director, Ruralia Institute, University of Helsinki
  • Joan Lofgren, director of the Bachelor’s Programme in International Business, Aalto University
  • Johanna Lilja, service director, Mikkeli Unit of the National Library of Finland, University of Helsinki
  • Sari Iivonen, vice president, Finnish Organic Research Institute
  • Matti Malinen, secretary general of the University Consortium coordination unit, secretary


Advisory board

The advisory board of the Mikkeli University Consortium serves as a communication and interaction channel between the region and the universities; promotes research and education in the region by monitoring the status of research, education and innovation activities as well as related needs in relation to changes in the operating environment; promotes the general preconditions for carrying out the mission of the University Consortium; and introduces initiatives and proposals pertaining to the development of university operations in the region. County Governor Pentti Mäkinen from the Regional Council of South Savo serves as the advisory board chair.


Coordination unit

The joint duties of the University Consortium are managed and coordinated by the coordination unit. The coordination unit promotes the general conditions and regional interaction of the units operating in the region. The coordination unit prepares matters to be processed by the steering group and management group. The coordination unit is also responsible for organising joint events, training and communication.

  • Secretary General Matti Malinen, +358 50 496 8981
  • Expert Sirpa Rautiainen, +358 50 374 1150
  • Expert Ulla Jurvanen, +358 50 439 7798
  • Project manager Heidi Huovinen, +358 50 443 4003
  • Expert Merja Hölttä, +358 50 336 5297