LUT University

Research and development activities are carried out in Mikkeli at LUT University and at the Ruralia Institute of the University of Helsinki.

LUT Mikkeli is a regional unit of LUT University. All LUT’s schools operate in Mikkeli through the bioenergy research group, the separation technology department and the entrepreneurship research group. LUT operates in the Mikkeli University Consortium on Lönnrotinkatu and Sammonkatu.


Bioenergy laboratory

The Bioenergy laboratory, which is part of the LUT School of Energy Systems, especially studies technologies and business related to the use of forest biomass. The person in charge of the research group is Professor Tapio Ranta.

Department of Separation Technology

The Department of Separation Technology at the LUT School of Engineering Science is Finland’s largest unit in its field. The basis of separation technology is the understanding and modeling of physical and chemical phenomena. The unit’s modern separation technology equipment can be utilized on a laboratory and pilot scale, i.e. from the molecular level to process concepts. Biological water treatment, a large algae laboratory and comprehensive analysis possibilities are the unit’s specialties. In Mikkeli, the main focus is especially on technologies related to water purification.

The person in charge of the research group is department head Sami Virolainen.

Professors working in Mikkeli:
Amit Bhatnagar
Antti Häkkinen
Mika Mänttäri
Eveliina Repo
Susana Rodriquez-Couto

LBM Mikkeli

The activities of the LUT School of Business in Mikkeli are led by the international business and entrepreneurship research group, which studies entrepreneurship and related ecosystems, international business, new business models and sustainable value creation. The person in charge of the group is Professor Henri Hakala.