Sustainability change

The research and development under the Ruralia Institute’s focus of food chains and natural resources concentrate on sustainable food systems, organic food, biological/integrated plant protection, food safety as well as new natural products and nature-based entrepreneurship.


  • Finnish Organic Research Institute: Sari Iivonen, director, Finnish Organic Research Institute
  • Food chains and natural resources: Hanna-Maija Väisänen, project coordinator, Ruralia Institute, University of Helsinki
  • Sustainable food chains: Juha Helenius, professor, Ruralia Institute, University of Helsinki

At the Department of Separation Science of LUT University, research focuses on advanced water treatment technologies and enabling the sustainable and resource-efficient use of raw materials, side streams and wastes. The aim is to develop and improve fundamental understanding of separation phenomena to enable advanced separation and purification processes.



  • Mari Kallioinen, head of department, docent, LUT University
  • Antti Häkkinen, professor, LUT University
  • Mika Mänttäri, professor, LUT University
  • Tuomo Sainio, professor, LUT University
  • Arto Pihlajamäki, researcher/teacher, LUT University
  • Eveliina Repo, associate professor, LUT University


The Laboratory of Bioenergy at LUT University investigates delivery chains and processing techniques associated with the utilisation of forest biomass related to energy use.