Researcher hotel

The researcher hotel of the Mikkeli University Consortium is a service targeted at research carried out in the region of South Savo, regardless of the associated university. The researcher hotel offers peer support provided by the surrounding work community, assistance in communications as well as a peaceful place to work with reliable internet connections. Working in the researcher hotel is subject to a fee corresponding to the sum paid by the University of Helsinki to provide the necessary working conditions to grant-funded researchers. In 2020 this fee was €100 per month for a private research room and €50 per month for a shared research room. If the researcher is not affiliated with a university, if the researcher is employed by a university or if using the researcher hotel constitutes part of work carried out in the employment of a university, the researcher’s parent organisation will be invoiced the fee for a research room, approximately €230 per month.

Vacancies in the researcher hotel can be applied for by email for periods of four months or more. The longest visit allowed is 12 months. In addition to contact details, the application should include a brief description of the applicant’s prospective research. Applications are to be submitted to Matti Malinen.

Further information:

• Matti Malinen (, +358 50 496 8981)