University Consortium

Mikkeli University Consortium

Mikkelin yliopistokeskus

The Mikkeli University Consortium (MUC) is a networked academic community based on an agreement between Aalto University, the University of Helsinki, LUT University and the City of Mikkeli, which employs roughly 130 individuals.

MUC’s strength lies in competence areas founded on the expertise provided by the three parent universities, which stand out on the national scale and, at the same time, meet regional needs. Thanks to cooperation between the universities and through scientific research and education as well as solutions and operational models that promote the development of the region, the Mikkeli University Consortium tackles three large-scale challenges: Sustainability change, the change of entrepreneurship and the digital change.

Aalto University:

  • The Bachelor’s Programme in International Business (BScBA Program) is Finland’s only bachelor’s programme in economics offered entirely in English. Every year, approximately 1200 prospective students apply for the 85 places available in the programme.

University of Helsinki:

  • The multidisciplinary research and development efforts of the Ruralia Institute have a special link to phenomena and solutions emerging from the development of entrepreneurship and wellbeing from the rural perspective. On a social level, the institute examines sustainable development and the interaction between rural and urban areas in a globalising world.
  • The Mikkeli Unit of the National Library of Finland is responsible for digitising, storing and developing the resources of the National Library, in addition to which it promotes domestic and international cooperation in the field.
  • The Finnish Organic Research Institute (FORI) is a multidisciplinary research and expert network that operates under the auspices of the University of Helsinki and Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), promoting Finnish organic food production throughout the food chain.
  • The coordination unit of the University Consortium develops and coordinates cooperation between the universities in the consortium and the region.

LUT University:

  • LUT Mikkeli is a regional unit of LUT University. All LUT schools operate in Mikkeli through the Laboratory of Bioenergy, the Department of Separation Science and the entrepreneurship research group.